Brace Map


A brace map is used to look up the whole object and its parts.  On the first line on the far left, the student writes the whole object.  Then in the brace, the students write the different parts of the whole object.  If those parts can be broken down even more, students can add another brace and its parts.  This is a great thinking map to help students visualize all the components in something.  In the classroom, students have used a brace map to describe the parts of the year, parts of an animal, parts of a plant,  parts of the world, and in the upper grades, parts of different systems, like the body system and the solar system.  Here are some examples of brace maps that I found to illustrate how they are used.

At  Home:

* Have your child make a brace map of the ingredients in a recipe you are making together.

* Make a brace map of a plant in your garden.

* Recreate a brace map of something that your child is learning in the classroom to reinforce what they are learning.

* Make a brace map of the parts of your family pet.

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